Controlled Environment for Clean Room Needs

No matter how complex your cleanliness requirements are, Canadian Linen delivers extraordinarily clean garments every time. We use sophisticated barrier equipment, de-ionized water systems, specialized wash formulas and innovative packaging to deliver the very best clean room garment and laundry services to your business.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we invest in rigid garment testing. Each garment batch we clean follows the strict Institute of Environmental Sciences regulations for sizing and counting particulate contamination in and on cleanroom garments.

Current testing of processed garments by these methods shows the Canadian Linen Clean Room Laundry Service meets or exceeds Category 1 standards, according to Helmke Classification tables.

Our full-service Clean Room System offers:

  • Analysis of your needs by an experienced Canadian Linen clean room specialist
  • Garment recommendation and selection tips
  • Personalized garment rental, leasing, laundry and purchase options
  • Custom-tailored packaging and delivery systems
  • Extraordinarily clean products
  • Rigorous garment inspection
  • Automatic repair and replacement
  • Testing and quality control programs with on-site particle and ESD testing
  • Regular control audits and continuous system improvements

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